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Byron Court Primary School

Believe, Achieve

Spencer Road, North Wembley, Middlesex HA0 3SF

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JTA- Junior Travel Ambassador 


Working for you- Our lovely JTA's, One step ahead!

JTA Summer Newsletter 2018

Byron Court Park & Stride


To help reduce congestion on the roads, Pupils were handing out these flyers..

1.How can we be safe? 

Have you ever wondered about being safe?

Now is the time to think about it.

It’s getting slipperier and darker.

Walk, don’t run, on slippery pavements and when crossing roads.

Make sure you remember to stop, look and listen.



2. How can we be seen?

Now winter’s coming, it’s getting darker which means we all need to be seen. No matter if we are on the road or pavement . That’s why we should all be wearing things that can make us be seen easily in the dark. For example;

  • You could be wearing these jackets.
  • Glow in the dark hats.
  • Or even ride a light up scooter ,bike or skateboard.



ž3. Dress Brightly

When you go out on a dark day or nearly night, wear colourful or bright clothing so the cars can see you coming.

žWear Reflective Gear

Make sure you wear reflective gear or accessories, so the cars can see you in their headlights.

žCustomise your backpack

Another way to be seen is by customising your backpack with cool reflective zip clips and stickers.


Bring a torch to use in the dark and it will be useful.

žA reflective jacket reflects light so you and the cars can see what's happening.

žSay if you were on a bike and you couldn’t see a car coming you will be in hospital so try to use a reflecting helmet or a helmet that has a torch. 

If it’s dark you should wear or use at least of 1 of these items.

Especially if you are on your own!


Be Bright Morning or Night

Stop! Look! Listen! Live!


The Girl who didn’t dress right in the dark.  We can help! 

4. Think carefully before you cross any road

ž  1. First find the safest place to cross

ž  2. Stop just before you get to the kerb

ž  3. Look all around for traffic and listen

ž  4. If traffic is coming, let it pass

ž  5. When it is safe, go straight across the road – do not run


Be Safe, Be Seen




                        From your JTA Team